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 Iran protests

Defense of freedom of expression and protest

Initially, the protest movement in Iran began with economic demands. But economic demands quickly turned into political demands.

In a separate message, Rouhani congratulated the Christians of Iran on the coming of the New Year: "We are proud of Iranians who are home to all Muslims, Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians."

"It's clear to everyone that we are a people of freedom, and in accordance with the constitution and civil rights, the people are completely free to express their criticisms and even their objections," Rouhani said.
"The government, whatever its promise to citizens in the rights of citizens and in elections, is standing up to its treaty, and wants young people, universities, women, men, and villagers to be joyful," said the president, but said at the government meeting. Has tried to solve the problems of the people ".

How to Visit Iran

If you are looking for a destination to spend your holidays there Iran can be a good choice. As Iran is less familiar to most of us it can seem a little bit confusing. But do not worry at all, Iran is a worthy country and has a variety of climates. Here are some tips guiding you to go there and enjoy your trip.


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    Do some intense research for accurate sources, whether they are travel companies or personal accounts.
    And from the advisers i want go to iran Ask for the latest prices and discounts


 List and discuss the cultural properties of Iran that were inscribed on the World Heritage


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