Shafei Jameh Mosque

Shafei Jameh Mosque

Shafei Jameh Mosque 

In the Islamic architecture, the mosques are considered one of the most important architectural projects, and the Shafi'i mosque belonging to Sunni Muslims is one of the most beautiful and most magnificent mosques in Iran, which by the time has become a historical masterpiece.This mosque built by a group of Sunni benefactors and its beautiful and spectacular architecture will be the culmination of the Iranian mosque's architecture in Kermanshah, and has been added to the beauty of Kermanshah with its tall flowers. The interior and mold of this mosque, which is decorated with Quranic verses, has given a special spiritual mosque to the mosque. The Shafi'i mosque is bound to the Jamshir square on the other side, and on the other side of the bazaar, and today prayer is held only in the mosque building, which is located next to the old monument, in the style of the mosques of Turkey.


About Malayalammad Rabieh

Malayalammad Rabieh was the Imam Khomeini Mosque of Shafi'i Kermanshah, which was martyred in 1996. He left the house at noon on Sunday, December 12, 1996, when he went to work in the district of Kermanshah. He never left home. In 1311, Mullah Mohammad Rabiee was born in Dasadp village of Divandareh and from the same decade he wrote poetry in Kurdish and Persian, and did not even notice it during the years of Imamate. In 1350, he published his poems in three languages: Kurdish, Farsi and Arabic, entitled "Four Seasons (To Kurdish: Chawar Fahsalani)". The book Mirror of Islam was the first to be published by Mohammad Rabiei. The book "The Exalted Glorilla" is the name of the Persian novel from them, which was published in 1372 and also published by Parrot Publishing House in 2006.

Mosque of Shafi'i Kermanshah

Shafei Jameh Mosque is the mosque for Sunni people in Kermanshah and is located on the order of Kermanshah Bazaar (Tarikeh Bazaar) and was established in 1324. This mosque leads to Javanshir Square on one side and Tarikeh Bazaar on the other side. The mosque was established in a neighborhood that was previously a shrine for pilgrimers and the place was bought by Sunni benefactors led by late Haj Mullah Seyyed Hossein Masoudi. Mullah Mohammad Rabei was the Prayer’s Imam in this mosque who was killed in serial killings.


The Shafi mosque was founded in 1324 by a number of Sunni masters under the leadership of the late Haj Molaside Hussein Mas'udi, and since then, the place of prayer and the establishment of various ceremonies. Previously, there was a slaughterhouse at the current site.
The building of the mosque can be attributed to the material and spiritual contributions of charities such as Khalifa Mohammad Saleh Mohammadi, Haj Khalifa Seyyed Ali Naqshbandi, Hajj Ja'far Sharifi, Haj Ahmad Mardali, Mirza Habib Belandi, Haj Ali Mohammad Shayani and other Muslim people of Kermanshah.
Why to go
Visiting a religious-cultural monument that will not forget the stunning beauty and spiritual originality.
When do we go Everyday at all times. But it is more suitable in the spring and summer.
where is it ?
Iran - Kermanshah - Janshir Square - Jamshir Blvd
Address: Shafi Mosque is located along the Kermanshah market, which leads to the Jamshir Square on the one hand and the darkness of the market on the other.
How to go
By car: You can leave Tehran from Tehran to Saveh, and after Hamedan after the city of Saveh. You will reach Kermanshah on Hamedan Road. In Kermanshah, there are different routes to reach the market and the Shafiq Mosque that will depend on your choice. In total, for this route you should drive from Tehran to Kermanshah for about 500 km.
Public transportation: Kermanshah's buses run alternately from west and south on a daily basis.
You can also travel to Tehran from Kermanshah by booking airline tickets if you wish. Shafei Mosque - Kermansha


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