Eternity is our home

Eternity is our home.
We are only the caravanserai for a while. Those who have been unhappy, have forgotten how to follow the direction that leads us to God.
Remember that you are a child of God
It depends on you what you will be.
Be proud of being a child of God
What are you afraid of?
What matters is what comes up? Believe that it is the Lord who sends it to you, you have to overcome the challenges of everyday.Execute her providence, then nothing can harm you.
He loves you forever, think this way, believe it, understand it, and suddenly you will see a day that you are alive in the Lord forever.
This is how you will find the greatest happiness in life.
I am not looking for anything now because I have everything in him
I do not have the desire to separate from the richest of all assets.

Astronomy in ancient Iran
In Iran, before the arrival of the Aryans, the remains of the remains of pottery from the prehistoric period of Iran show the people's attention to the stars well.
In many of the ancient hills of Iran, there are signs of astronomy knowledge of Iran before the first millennium BC. Astronomical signs in the historic hills of Iran (such as the Gayan Nahavand Hill, Damghan Hills Dam ...) can be seen on some pieces of pottery and chips of stone tools obtained from them. But much research should not be done on this. Avesta, especially in the Yashts, has provided a wealth of information that shows that Ariana astronomers are familiar with the stars and their rising and dying times. The New Year in ancient Iran began with the passing of the sun from the equinox of spring.

Astronomy Day               Circumhorizonal arc کمان آتشین یک پدیده اپتیکی نادر است که در اثر شکستن نور خورشید یا ماه در کریستال های یخ پهن و صفحه ای شکل رخ میدهد. این کریستال ها معمولا در ابرهای سیروس و سیرواستراتوس قرار دارند. کمان اتشین معمولا با فاصله حدود 45 درجه, پایینتر از خورشید یا ماه دیده میشود. همیشه رنگ قرمز بالا و رنگ بنفش پایین قرار دارد. آقداش - تیر 94 #delta_photography . #optic #phenomenon #circumhorizonalarc #atmosphere #clouds #rainbow #wonderful #jaw_dropping_shots

Astronomy Day is one of the most unique opportunities for the promotion of science in general and astronomy in particular. Astronomy or astronomy is, for various reasons, an important gateway to attracting people to the world of science. Not only is this science a long history, interwoven with the rituals, beliefs, literature and culture of people in different parts of the world, whose main means are the night sky, is at the disposal of all.

According to the report: Just look at the sky straight into the sky. Even in the most polluted parts of the world from the perspective of optical pollution, you can also see the many wonders that have always been with you. Just scroll down a few light sources to make the sky sky clear for you.
Perhaps less emotional with the first time someone sees a small telescope behind the moon, cell moons, or Saturn's rings. This short look is enough to awaken the sleeping curiosity in many of us and bring a bunch of questions to our minds. Questions that each can be the gateway to becoming interested in a different field of science and technology.

That's why it's probably one of the most fascinating events in the days that have been marked to promote different sciences.
In Iran, due to the rise of non-professional astronomical activities in the last decade, we have gained a long history of experience in this field. Several times, the astronomical promotion programs in Iran, and in particular the Astronomical Day, have been encouraged and praised by international assemblies. And the astronomy community has turned Iran's amateur into one of the most active and important communities in the field.

Tomb of Baba Abdullah - Tari - Aban 95 Before the dawn of the moon
The success of Iranians in the field of astronomy in recent years
Currently, more than 40 regions in the country are also well-known for observation and astronomical tours are held for these purposes.
According to statistics, the astronomers of the Iranian amateur are the most active astronomical groups in the region .Iran's team won the first World Astronomical Olympiad.The Galilean International Night Project in Iran reconciled the people with the sky.In the next 10 years, an Iranian will be sent to space.The Hope Satellite successfully performed its mission.The World Astronomy Olympiad is held in Iran.This year's International Astronomy Day was held in a magnificent country around the country.The Iranian National Observatory will be exploited in the near future.

Moonrise Khaju Bridge - Bahman 95An old photo of the center of the galaxy Harith Abad - May 92 | K H UZ E S T A N | Minutes after dusk Susan Plain - March 95| Q E S H M | Sunrise on the beaches of Qeshm Dec 95Isfahan Fireworks and the Moon Sunset Isfahan - July 96| Z A V A R E H | Colonel Abad Palace and Milky Way - July 96

One of my friends said that you are not in a strong conflict, not in fast escape! What happens when you're alone in the desert and do not be afraid? I'm afraid to answer! But, so, my photography enjoyment is more than fear of pseudo ...
But the night I went to photography was more scary. Although I was not alone. We were two people and we were scared! It was the first time I wished I would not have betrayed the bed, and would come to him.
The darkness here is not like the darkness of the desert nights. Because its horizon is closed and the light of the surrounding towns is less there. The weather was perfectly clean at night, which made the astound darker. In the darkest part of the desert, you can see a few steps away from the sprayer. But here's the only thing we could see being stars and no more!
The sound of wind blowing in the valley, the sound of the right chicken, the eyes that we saw in the dark, the bogs flying around us, the whipping of the jackals, and the sound of bird flutter between the trees to the Gothic night.
But the main reason for the horror was the stories we heard from the guests of the recruitment of the people who said that they would not allow anyone to enter anyone, and if someone entered without coordination, he would probably not come back! Even the villagers around the house are not allowed to enter at night. Of course, this is also logical. If no stranger was prevented from entering the house, nothing would be left of the palace, and it would be the food of thieves. We had not coordinated with anyone but two of the workers who worked there.In short, I do not advise anyone to go to night there! Probably not until the morning. But finally, we were all afraid of us all! We took photos of all the possible angles and recordeda timeline since the dawn of the month.

 Hanzhan - July 96

A busy night at the border of Esfahan and Fars provinces, IRAN, searching for the right place, where milkyway would sit on top of the road. Of course Google Earth and Stellarium are finding the spot. My friend and I left our group of 8-9 amateur astronomers to go to the deepest parts of the desert for having better views and less light pollution. Although I spent more than 50 nights observing the sky in a camp, about 15 kilometers away from here, I was a little scared since it was my first time being that deep in the desert.This picture is a combination of two shots. One for the sky with 150 seconds of exposure at f / 3.2 and ISO 3200, using an EQ5 to trace the sky. And another capturing foreground with 100 seconds at f / 2.8 ISO 5000.Nikon D810 - samyang 14mm f / 2.8
Hunejan - IRAN


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