Relatives of Iran


Iran is a multicultural country and its ethnic and linguistic diversity is one of its key features. The pattern of country in this country is mixed and unbalanced;
Since a large part of the nation, which has a majority in one or more of its combined features and characteristics, is the general assembly of the Iranian people, a small part of

the nation also with the majority of the nation due to having one or more of them, minorities The smaller are the Iranian people.

Ethnicity: Most of the Iranian nation is Fars.

The results of the census of 1996 on the ethnic composition of the Iranian nation make it possible: the population of Persians is about 73% to 75% of Iran's population. The census data of 1375 indicate that 82 to 83 percent of the Persian speakers and 2.86 percent of them only understand Persian, and 14.22 percent of Iranians do not know that the majority of them live in nomadic and rural areas of non-Persian ethnicities. they do. Obviously, because the official language is Farsi, part of Farsi speakers are relatives and holders of other dialects. [2] After the Persian, the Azeri people have more abundance. Azeri population is about 15-17%, and the Turkmen population is about 1.2% of Iran's population. About 3-5% of the population is assigned to the third ethnic group, the Sunni and Shiite Kurds of the West. After them, the Arab nation in the southwest is about 3%, and the Baluch people in the south-east are about 2% of the total population. There are no definite statistics on the quantity and proportion of Iranian ethnic groups, and the Iranian Statistics Center, which is responsible for providing accurate and official statistics, does not provide clear statistics on unclear reasons, so the figures expressed in various sources are largely estimated and estimated. You can not decisively accept them.

Religion: According to the census, most of the Iranian nation is more than 99 percent Muslim, followed by Muslims, the followers of Christianity are the most frequent with 0.13 percent, and in the following order, Zoroastrians, Jews and other followers Religions with very small proportions are less than 0.05%.
About 95 percent of Muslims are Shi'a Muslims and the rest of the Sunni. Sunnis are also divided into two branches of Hanafi, which are mainly located in the east and south-east of Iran, and Shafi'i, who live in the west and in the Kurdish region.


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