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temples, and temples are spaces filled with faith and love, the dust of oblivion has never been able to cover their faces and surround them They stand steadfastly and with generosity give their guests a moment of peace and light. These monuments can not be ignored, every single stone used in them has unshaked; unsaid, confession, need and prayer. Iran also hosts a number of prominent churches, due to the presence of Christians, some of which are renowned worldwide. Today we are going to visit one of them who has the title of the first church in the world and is welcomed with its beauties.

...Together we go to West Azarbaijan Province to sink into the spectacular sights of ST. THADDEUS

- The THADDEUS Church is known as the first Church in the world of Christianity
- Due to the importance and historical and spiritual value, the name of this church is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
- The church is built at the burial place of one of the Christian apostles

According to the Armenian beliefs, the Church of God or the Church of Tetheus is the first church built on the order of the messengers and apostles of Christ in the world and known as the first cathedral of the world of Christianity.
Christianity considers martyrdom as the greatest bliss for mankind, and this is why every year in the last days of July and the first week of August there is a special ceremony to which Armenians and a number of ambassadors from the Christian countries participate in Iran.
The main ceremony will be held on August 4th every year, June 26, coinciding with the murder of Tetavos or the Holy Tados and his followers, and is one of the most important ceremonies of the Armenians

Two large and small pyramidal domes and 12 cracks are found on the church building, which are based on black and white stone strips. The two domes are similar, and    together, the image of the two mountain peaks of Ararat is brought to the Armenians. In the central part of the church, there are four 120-cm stone pillars and a beautiful arch connecting each pillar to another



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